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In 1865. John Lindley described it as Cypripedium concolor.
In 1889. Ernst Pfitzer transferred it to Paphiopedilum.

Paphiopedilum Concolor

Paphiopedilum Concolor Orchid

Paphiopedilum Concolor Picture


    Stem Paphiopedilum concolor is a terrestrial plant 20 cm height,
    Leaves light green leaves are marbled with darkgreen marking.
    Flowers Pretty yellow-flowed. The flowers bloom almost 2 mouths. From the center of its foliage emerge 1 - 3 flowers on a mall erect floral scape of 10 cm.

Widespread : Thailand, Myanmar, China., eastern Burma .
Growing : It grows at low elevations on limstone and close to the sea.

Paphiopedilum Concolor Orchid Picture
Paphiopedilum Concolor Orchid Picture
Paphiopedilum Concolor Orchid Picture

Ecology Paphiopedilum concolor can be grown in a pot containing a mixture of leaf mold, sphagnum, fir bark. Air humidity of more than 70 percent. Paphiopedilum Concolor requires partial shade and air humidity of moer than 70 percen. If temporary dry Paphiopedilum concolor will not harm the plant, but may interrupt flowering.

Genera Paphiopedilum