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Aerides crassifolia
Aerides houlettiana
Seidenfadenia mitrata
About Aerides orchids
       Aerides orchid has in tropical Asia source such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries in the trade.

      The general characteristics of orchid Aerides.

      Type of growth : Monopodial; Orchids are growing always grows vertically. Bud that on apex will sprout leaves alternately, growth continues while old leaves and stem will die. Roots and leaves sprout alternately from below to upward. Bud completely healthy will sprout new plant.

      The Roots System : Aerial roots, Most orchids grow on trees. Large Root which acts to store water to feed itself. Resistant to drought very well. If be grown in potting. Roots attaches potting for stem stable. If the orchid is completely healthy ,Root will branching away. Aerial roots such as Ascocentrum Rhynchostylis and Vanda.

      Stem look solid, some species have short stems short segments. If the very tall, Stems to bend down, but the end is pointed.

      Orchid genera. In addition to treat simple and beautiful flowers.

      The orchid genus, can be mixed within the same genus or crossing the currency with another kind of orchids are growing not broken hold together.

      The inflorescence looks both upright and hanging bouquet Some species have flowers a branching inflorescence is a cylindrical flower medium in size and often fragrant glee outer petals double bottom, usually larger than other petals