Type of Root Orchid System

Roots orchid have 4 type following

      Terrestrial roots : The root have born of the bulbs that in the ground. succulent roots. Orchids are often found this type in natural or in the presence of seasonal changes clearly, as during the rainy season, orchids are sprouting and leaves, Appeared on the ground. When the dry season, it will shrivel up. Remain only the bulbs that storage of water and food. Orchids with terrestrial roots such as Habenaria.

      Semi-terrestrial roots : For the most part, it quite seem terrestrial roots. But the bulb probably on the ground. roots full of water and rarely have hairs. Sometimes, Though leaves fall down. Only the head remain. Whenever the humidity and the right environment. It are sprouting new leaves. Semi-terrestrial roots orchid such as slipper orchid.

      Semi-aerial roots : Usually found on the rocks or the trees. Roots can be absorbed many water. it smaller aerial roots. Most roots inside the pot. But may have some roots emerge outside the pot. This orchid roots not like a tight pots or wet for too long, Which getting air not enough. this roots orchids such as Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium and Oncidium.

Semi-aerial root, Cattleya orchid roots.
Semi-aerial roots, Cymbidium orchid roots

      Aerial roots : Most orchids grow on trees. Large Root which acts to store water to feed itself. Resistant to drought very well. If be grown in potting. Roots attaches potting for stem stable. If the orchid is completely healthy ,Root will branching away. Aerial roots such as Ascocentrum Rhynchostylis and Vanda.

Aerial roots have thick roots coverd with velamen.
(Rhynchostylis roots)
Roots orchid attaches potting.
(Rhynchostylis roots)