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Paphiopedilum concolor (Lindl.)
Paphiopedilum godefroyae
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum
Paphiopedilum niveum

Hybrid By man-made
Paph. concolor x godefroyae
Paph. godefroyae x x'ang-thong
Paph. philippinense x exul
Paph. x'ang-thong x concolor
About Orchids
      The slipper, the name call such as sandals women, etc., the all name was called, have meaning is the women's shoes. Because the petals called "Lip", shaped like shoes, is called slipper. The lip of the lady's slipper each varieties, It have different shapes and colors, Is attractive. The source of Paphiopedilum orchid  in temperate and tropical Southeast Asia is Indian, Burmese, Thai, Malaysian, Philippine.

      Paphiopedilum orchids is sympodium-type; Orchids are growing that grow sideways across the top of the pot. These orchids have a rhizome at the base usually put in horizontal, The bud at the base will begin growing anther rhizome. and then ,The rizome develops into a small plant or pseudobulb, and flower. When pseudobulbs have completely healthy, It will lose its leaves celled this pseudobulbs that "backbulb". It served store feed more years before it die.

        But Paphiopedilum no pseudobulb, new shoots from node stem very short, but the old leaves long. Some of the Chu set up. Some of the pointing into the color of the leaves, a wide range, such as the light green, dark green stripes. Some types of the single color,  smooth. There is no pattern.

      Roots is semi-terrestrial roots. Root out is concentrated at the base of the trunk. And often grow on horizontal, rather than vertical. Paphiopedilum usually grow on the ground or rocks with humus. But some species grow on clinging to branches of trees. The orchid genus suits to grown in potting than other types of orchids.

      Often the flowering peak flowering varieties single and a bouquet of flowers, flower petals is  2 petals on and lower lobe (lower lobe connected as petals. If you look from the back of the flowers will find the connection between the lower lobe 2 petals). On the outer petals petals are often large eye-catching. Petals in a 3 back. The petals in top will spread out both sides of the flowers, the petals in the bottom (called the "Lip"). A bowl shaped like the head women shoes.

Pollen of the slipper orchids is different from general.

      The leaves of the lady's slipper. Both leaves and leaves flat, set some kind of leaves are like the sword, the color of the leaves are green, or green, yellow, some of which has a beautiful.