Ascocenda laksi | Orchids Flowers Picture

Ascocenda laksi orchids flowers
Ascocenda laksi is a manmade hybrid orchid genus by a cross between Ascocentrum and Vanda.
Vanda and Ascocentrum is the same type, are monopodial orchid.
Ascocenda laksi orchids flowers
Ascocenda generally have small flowers. But there are many flowers in the inflorescence and colorful.
Vanda orchid flowers are larger than the Ascocenda. But there are less number of flowers. So, When When brought across together. Has become orchid are morethan number of flowers and larger.

Ascocenda laksi orchids flowers
Greenhouses should have at least 3 meter, high. With saran 60-70% filter.
Ascocenda laksi orchids plant