Spathoglottis | Orchid Hybrid Pictures

Pink Spathoglottis
        Spathoglottis. A terrestrial orchid genera. One popular plant widely.
         The orchid genus has more than 40 type (species).
Soft Pink Spathoglottis
        The birthplace is in Southeast Asia.

        It has spread from northern India, Sri Lanka, southern China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea Australia. And the Pacific Islands.
Yellow Spathoglottis
        The leaves are long, pointed tip curve.
Plant Spathoglottis
      The leaves fold along the length of the blade resembling the sprouts of the palm. A bouquet of flowers from the base of the stem and leaf axis like a long thin tapered into groups at the end of the bouquet of flowers, are equally blossom pompous ear mouth both quite narrow. And curved up both sides orifice plate is narrow and small tooth side and the upper of the base ปากมี button button in the two together. Some types of button at the end of the sheet is a hairy petals open wide mouth out and some species, the petals are concave mouth Shaolin style are thin end is wide and bend down a little. The stamens have two copies at 4 tablets.