Trichoglottis brachiata | Orchids Picture

        Originated in the Philippine Islands. In the past the name is 'Trichoglottis philippinensis var brachiata.
or someone called ' ' Trichoglottis philippinensis '4n' ' But the current was registered. By the name 'Tricoglottis brachiata'.
Trichoglottis brachiata Picture

Sepal larger than petal. both have dark red, waxy, and the edges are yellow.

Trichoglottis brachiata Flowers

Propagation by cutting , By choosing the which have 2-3 roots. The old will be able to sprout up.

Trichoglottis brachiata Flowers
If grow it together, when its flowering , that very Beautiful.
Trichoglottis brachiata Flowers
Lip are pink and white color with little hair.

Trichoglottis brachiata Plant
Flowers between the leaves, Orderly.

      Trichoglottis brachiata are type of Monopodial, Orchids are growing always grows vertically. Bud that on apex will sprout leaves alternately, growth continues while old leaves and stem will die. Roots and leaves sprout alternately from below to upward. Bud completely healthy will sprout new plant.

      Orchids monopodial-type such as Phalaenopsis Rhynchostylis Vanda Aerides Ascocentrum Trichoglottis Renanthera ArachnisVandopsis Doritis etc.

      Aerial roots : Most orchids grow on trees. Large Root which acts to store water to feed itself. Resistant to drought very well. If be grown in potting. Roots attaches potting for stem stable. If the orchid is completely healthy ,Root will branching away.