Cymbidium Golden Vanguard (Yellow Orchid Flower)

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Skill for Culture :
Experienced Type of Culture : Warm grower

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Type of Grow : Terrestrials; are thrive growing on/in the ground.

Growing Patterns : 

Cymbidium Golden Vanguard is a great HTC from the combination of C. Golden Elf and C. Vanguard. With its natural floral spread of 9.5 cm, this HTC is possibly the largest bloom of all HTC.

C. Vanguard has been known as a popular cut flower cultivar in the Netherlands.

About 25% of the seedlings have flowers that are pure yellow with a slight shading of green with heavy substance and a good lasting quality. The remaining 75% are yellow with red lips.

C. Golden Vanguard does not need any chill to initiate spike and bloom; therefore this hybrid is capable of blooming almost anywhere, even in equatorial areas. Fragrance is also its bonus!