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Vanda Purple Flower
Vanda Purple Flower Plant
      Vanda orchid is genus was popular and grow for a long time, as well as the Cattleya and Dendrobium. Due to an orchid with features such as Wood plant easily. Because the Vanda orchid like the weather is rather hot, high humidity and Bright light

Rhynchostylis coelestis (Rchb.f.)

     Widespread in Cambodia Thailand, and Vietnam. at elevation 700 meters and lower. Found place semi-deciduous and deciduous forests that dry lowland.

     17-25 cm tall, Leaves have 3-5 cm wide, and 10-15 cm long.

     Epiphytes-type; Growing on clinging to branches of trees. Roots orchids have thick roots covered with silver or white velamen. Which adsorb moisture and nutrients from the air such as Plalaenopsis Cattleya Dendrobium etc.

     Flowers are fragrant. Size about 2 cm. Sepal and Petal are similar, White color and end of there have little blue color. Lip have blue color. Erect inflorescence and 17-23 cm long, cylindrical-shape. many flower in inflorescence.

Blooming in Summer and Fall.