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Cattleytonia starrlyn Orchids
Cattleytonia starrlyn Orchids

        Orchid is the queen of the forest. It's beautiful. The plants were so beautiful to look at. Whenever orchids begin flowering, I will happy.

        Bringing orchids to grow, it is not difficult. But it's hard to make it liven.

        The orchid is a species that live in the forest. When taken comes out of the forest environment, climate changed. orchid that can't adapt new environment will die. some adaptability, It may be incomplete.

        There are 1,000 of orchid species. Cattleya orchid is one of the most popular genus, because the flowers are large and colorful. Originated from a of southern !

In 1817, William Swainso found new varieties of plant in the country's Brazilian and sent discrimination (also sent to Sir.William Cattley).

In ..., Sir. William Cattleya grow this plants(orchid ) in his farms, until its flowering.

In 1824, John Lindley named this type of orchid, called "Cattleya John Lindley."