Dendrobium spp. & Garden in Petrol Station

       In developing countries, That there has been a rapid expansion - led naturally out. Replaced by technology Or buildings - such as floor concrete. People far from natural. The stress is increasing every day. We know that bringing out the natural life is not likely to be correct.

       In recent years, begin demolition of the building - concrete. To replace the natural. Along the road, they have grow more trees. In the various departments Or around the building

       These image take in a petrol station in Thailand. The vegetable garden for relaxing and it has many of the orchids.

       To grow this orchid, The fertilizer is slow release fertilizers to every 3 to 4 months, with a small rubber tube connected directly to each orchid. Just open the valve, orchids were watered.

       These natural, it is appropriate to man. Not in a rectangular glass box Or a room surrounded by concrete walls -- author is sitting in this room!