Zygopetalum clayii orchid

Zygopetalum clayii orchid Picture
Synonym : Eulophia clayii
Native range : Peru, Brazil, Bolivia
Skill for Culture : Beginner
Type of Culture : Cool grower
Described/Discovered by : John Lindley
Described/Discovered in : 1844

       This orchid is a terrestrial, is a plant that grows on or in or from land. Live at a high altitude. Orchid have about 80 cm. high and bearing 3 to 7 flowers 10 cm. in diameter, flowers have fragrant

       The petals and sepals have the same, brown color and labellum is pink, punctuated by white. Usually flowers once a year, in winter.

Zygopetalum clayii Flower
       Should cultivate this orchid in large pots containing leaf mold, fir bark, and sand. need bright light. air humidity about 40 percent. Its can tolerate temporary periods of cold. Should avoid to report, because the roots are extremyly fragile.