Genus Pleurothallis spp. Culture & Care

Pleurothallis lamellaris
Commonly named : Bonnet Orchids
Native range :
Skill for Culture : Beginner
Type of Culture : Warm grower
This genus established in : 1813

       Genus Pleurothallis is groups more than a 1,000 epiphytic spices. - the second largest in the Orchidaceae after Bulbophyllum. Found in hot and humid forests, among the moss on low branches.

        The number of species approaching in the 1,200, botanists believe that have many remain to be discovered. Maybe this genus will be the largest of the orchid family. but...

        In 2004, it decreased by more than half when many species were moved into new genera.

       Have short inflorescence, some species carrying a single miniscule flower.  Flowering in the spring.

Culture & Care
       Orchid require air humidity of more than 70 percent. and need low of light.