Polystachya maculata Culture & Care

Polystachya maculata
Synonym : -
Native range : Tropical Africa
Skill for Culture : Expert
Type of Culture : Warm grower
Described by : *
Described in : 1840
Type of Grow : epiphytes lithophytes and terrestrials; grows by clinging to the branches of trees or grow in or on rocks sometime found it in the ground. Found in dense forests at elevations around 1,500 meters

       This is a small plant. Its puts out floral scapes form the apex of its pseodobulbs.

       The petals and sepals of flower are pale green-brown color, labellum spattered with purple color. Flower size about 2 to 3 cm, inflorescence with fragrant flowers occuring mostly in the fall but can occur at most any time. Flowering begins in spring.

Culture & Care
       Polystachya maculata have roots weaken, rot very quick in standard potting mixtures. So its very difficult to grow. Maybe cultivate it on hollowed slabs of cork oak and add spagnum surround its roots. Orchid need air humidity of more than 80 percent and bring it in partial shade.