Pleione formosana Orchids Culture & Care

Pleione formosana Orchids
Synonym : Pleione pricei, Taiwan Pleione, Windowsill Orchid.
Native range : China, Taiwan
Skill for Culture : Experienced
Type of Culture : Cool grower
Described, Discovered by :
Discovered in : Nan-ao Township, a village in northern Taiwan.
Type of Grow : Both a terrestrials and lithophytes species.

Pleione formosana Orchids
       Found in humid forests, grows in clinging to cliffs. Each pseudobulbs will emerges a single leaf. In winter, they was protected by snow. When snow melts in spring, them will continue grow.

       Pleione formosana high of 15 cm. Spherical pseudobulbs.

       Flower in spring a single flower have pink color and fringed labellum.

       Single leaf, about 10 cm. of length.

Culture & Care
       It's terrestrial species, so should grows in the soil at a foot of tree. Add sand in the soil for well-drained. Can be cultivated in a cold greenhouse.

Pleione formosana Orchids