Pleione maculata Orchid Culture & Care

Pleione maculata Orchid
Synonym :
Native range : Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Thailand
Skill for Culture : Experienced - Expert
Type of Culture : Cool grower
Described Discovered by :
Discovered in : nineteenth century
Type of Grow : Both a terrestrial and a lithophytes species.
Growing Patterns : Sympodial; Orchids are growing sideways.

       Pleione maculata grows in empty tree trunk and in soil as a small sized. Found in forests at elevations of 600 to 2,000 meters.
       Many species in genus Pleione have produced many hybrids, such as Pleione lagenaria, form Pleione maculata and Pleione praecox.

       Single flower, white and cream color. Labellum have yellow color, with pink stripes.

       Two leaves merge form its pseudobulbs. After orchids flowers, its will lose their leaves.

Culture & Care
       Air humidity of around 50 percent. Bring them in the shade of tree. Genus Pleione can cutivated out door, in the garden or in a greenhouse. temperature should not to 25 C.

Pleione maculata Orchid