Psychopsis papilio Orchid Care & Culture

Psychopsis papilio Orchid
Synonym : Psychopsis picta, Oncidium papilio, 'Butterfly Orchid'
Native range : Antilles, Northern Brazil, Colombia, Trinidad and Venezuela.
Skill for Culture : Experienced
Type of Culture : Warm grower
Described by : John Lindley
Described in : 1824
Type of Grow : Epiphytes; clinging to branches of trees.
Growing Patterns : Sympodial; orchids grow sideways.

       This a medium sized orchid grows in low-altitude tropical forests. This is one of rare Oncidium.

       Psychopsis, abbreviated Psychp. in horticultural trade, is a genus of 5 known species of orchids native to northern South America, Central America and Trinidad.

Illustration of Psychopsis papilio (as syn. Oncidium papilio)
       Single flower on a slightly curved upright scape, more than 2 meter in hight. Flower nearly 20 cm. sediameter. Heart-shaped labellum. Flower remains in full bloom for more than 3 months. For right condition, orchid will flower continuously.

       Its pseudobulbs emerge one leaf, have mottled on the surface.

Psychopsis papilio Culture & Care
       Culture by mounting it onto slabs of cork oak or fir bark and expanded polystyrene. Air humidity of more than 70 percent, and need bright light.

Psychopsis papilio orchid