Psygmorchis pusilla Orchid Culture & Care

Psygmorchis pusilla
(Wire Man, on Flickr)
Synonym : Erycina pusilla
Native range : Antilles, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico,Nicaragua, Panam
Skill for Culture : Experienced , Expert
Type of Culture : Warm grower - Hot
Described by : Carolus Linnaeus
Described in : 1763
Type of Grow : Epiphytes ; Growing on trees and shrubs in pastures, in hot humid forests at elevations 500 to 1,000 meter .

       Genus Psygmorchis was created in 1970, consist about 5 species formerly classed with Oncidium. the orchid without pseudobulb. The name of genus derives from Greek, psygma which mean 'fan' and orkhis which mean 'testucle'

       Single flowered inflorescence, acute floral bracts that are smaller than length of the leaves, yellow color, about 2 cm. Flower in the fall through the spring. bloom lasts no more than a few days.

       A fan shape

Psygmorchis pusilla 
       Air humidity of more than 70 percent. Need low of light. Should be grown mounted on a branch covered with sphagnum. These plants only live a few seasons. Psygmorchis pusilla not tolerate calcareous or polluted water, experienced growers use pure water for this orchid. If all these conditions are met, the orchid will flower continuously.