Renanthera coccinea Orchid Culture & Care

Synonym : Epidendrum renanthera, Gongora philippica
Native range : Philipines, Chaina, Indonesia, Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Hong Kong
Skill for Culture : Beginner
Type of Culture : Warm grower
Described/Discovered by :
Described in : 1790
Renanthera coccinea orchid
Type of Grow : Epiphytes ; Growing on clinging to branches of trees. Terrestrials and semi-terrestrials; are thrive growing on/in the ground. Lithophytes; Orchids that grow in or on rocks. 

Growing Patterns : Monopodial; Orchids are growing always grows vertically.

       Renanthera coccinea was first imported to Europe in 1820. This is a large climbing plant, can exceed about 5 meter in height. Lacking pseudobulbd, it develops long stems covered with many leaves.

Renanthera coccinea orchid
       Flowers size 5 to 6.5 cm. The inflorescences, sometime more than 100 flowers. flowers are fragrant, beautiful red-orange color

       Aerial roots, Large root which acts to store water to feed itself.


       Because orchids have large size, should be cultivated it in large pots containing a mixture of fir bark and expanded polystyrene. Can cultivated it in direct sun, needs abundant water, fertilizer every 2 weeks, Repotted once a year.