Rossioglossum grande Orchid

Rossioglossum grande Orchid
Synonym :
Native range : Guatemala, Mexico
Skill for Culture : Expert
Type of Culture : Cool grower
Described by : John Lindley
Discovered in : 1840
Type of Grow : Epiphytes ; Growing on clinging to branches of trees. Grows in mountain forests of 1,400 and up to 3,000 meter.
Growing Patterns : Sympodial; Orchids are growing that grow sideways across the top of the pot.

       In the nature, this species is very rare.

       Inflorescence emerge from pseudobulbs, carry large flowers about 20 cm. wide. Each inflorescence have 5 to 8 flowers. The flowers have brown petals and sepals striped with yellow. The lip is white and sometimes flecked with red-brown.

Rossioglossum grande Orchid
Leathery leaves emerge from its pseudobulbs.

Cultivation in a pot filled with fir bark polyurethane foam, and expanded polystyrene. It cannot withstand temperatures above 24 Celsius. The day and night should be difference temperature-- least 24 Celsius at night and about 18 Celsius at day.

Rossioglossum grande Orchid
       Air humidity of more than 80 percent-- constant throughout the year, and much of light.

       The name of genus is dedicated to John Ross-- collector of orchids in Mexico in the nineteenth century.