Sarcochilus hartmannii orchid

Sarcochilus hartmannii Orchid
Synonym : -
Native range : Australia
Skill for Culture : Experienced
Type of Culture : Intermediate gower
Described by : Baron Ferdinand von Muller
Described in : 1874
Type of Grow : Lithophytes; Orchids that grow in or on large rocks, or found on exposed cliffs at altitudes up to 1000 meters. Sometime this orchid an epiphytic.
Growing Patterns : Epiphytes ; *

       This plant less than 20 cm high, Its name derives from the Greek, sarcos means "fleshy" and cheilos means "lip"

       Inflorescence upright, 10 to 25 cm. high, bearing 8 to 12 flowers, white with a pinkisk-red striated core--call labellum. Non-fragrant flowers.

       Air humidity of more than 70 percent.  Need a great deal of light. Bring it to good air circulation. Or maybe use small fan for air circulation.

       The genus Sarcochilus consist of about 40 species, Orchid that highly prized in Australia are Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii. Its was growth in the same places as Sarcochilus hartmannii.