Sobralia leucoxantha Orchid

Sobralia leucoxantha Painting
Synonym : Sobralia powellii
Native range : Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia
Skill for Culture : Experienced
Type of Culture : Intermediate grower
Described/Discovered by :
Described in : 1866
Type of Grow : Terrestrials; are thrive growing on/in the ground. but its can also grow as an epiphytes; growing on clinging to branches of trees. Grow at altitudes below 1000 meters.

Growing Patterns : Sympodial; Orchids are growing that grow sideways across the top of the pot.

       In nature, found this orchid in hollow tree trunks. Stems long, curved and height more than 1.5 meter. No pseudobulb.

       Single flower, Its have large size, about 20 cm. in diameter. Petals have a white-cream color. Fringed labellum is yellow with orange on the inner surface. blooms in summer and early fall

       This orchid have flowers look like Sobralia macrantha orchid, where found in Mexico, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Sobralia macrantha is higher than Sobralia powellii about 1 meter.

Sobralia leucoxantha Orchid
       Green color.

       Air humidity constannt at around 70 percent. and much of light.

       Hard for Culture indoor-- due to a lack of space.

       Culture in a large terra-cotta pot. filled with a substrate composed of fir bark and leaf mold.