Vanda 'Rothschildiana' Orchid

Synonym :
Native range : Hybrid, Vanda coerulea x Euanthe sanderiana
Skill for Culture : Experienced
Type of Culture : Warm grower
Described/Discovered by :
Described/Discovered in :
Type of Grow : monopodium / epiphyte.

Vanda 'Rothschildiana' Orchid
       Vanda 'Rothschildiana' is the result of crossing Vanda coerulea and Euanthe sanderiana. An epiphyte, is a plant that grows on another plant.

       United at the apex of a floral scape conposed 5 to 8 flowers, 15 cm. Flower have blue-lavender color and darker dots.

       Have a fan shape.

       Orchid can grown by without a pot, Its aerial roots clinging to the branches of tree. When bring it to pot, the pot should well-drained. Air humidity of more than 70 percent and much of light. For good condition the orchid can reach more than 1 meter in height.