Vanda teres orchid

Synonym : Papilionanthe teres
Native range : Thailand, Laos, India Myanmar Vietnam eastern Himalayas,  Nepal, ....
Skill for Culture : Expert
Type of Culture : Warm grower
Described/Discovered by :
Described/Discovered in : 1828

       This orchid have a giant sized, an epiphyte, is a plant that grows on another plant.-- on tree but sometime found it becomes a terrestrial, is a plant that grows on or in or from land, plunges its numerous roots into the soil. Orchid develops in full sun.

       Cylindrical stems of several meters, each stem bear about 10 flower. dorsal sepal and petal has pink color, lateral sepal has white color. Lip have yellow on the inner surface with red spot. The flower can keep for a long time in a vase for make magnificent and scented bouquets

       Air humidity should over 80 percent throughout the year. This orchid extensive root system. Because orchid require light, its difficult to grow in a house, If need, should placed close to the windows.